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Darjeeling Dusk Candle

Darjeeling Dusk Candle

Net weight: 300g  |  Burn time: 60h

Capture the magical moment where day gracefully surrenders to night in the enchanting hills of Darjeeling with this exquisite soy candle.

As you light the wooden wick, the top notes of Rhubarb and Tangerine whisper twilight while the heart of Mint, Green Tea, and Jasmine infuses the air with a soothing serenity reminiscent of the tea gardens at sundown. As the candle burns, the base notes of Darjeeling Tea, Oakmoss, and Musk create a lingering warmth, allowing you to savor the tranquil magic of a Darjeeling evening from the comfort of your space.


Top notes: Rhubarb, Tangerine
Middle notes: Mint, Green Tea, Jasmine
Base notes: Darjeeling Tea, Oakmoss, Musk


Ingredients: Soy Wax, Perfume, Essential oils
Dimensions: 8.5cm diameter x 9cm height
Gross weight: 400g


The first burn is crucial as it sets the candle's burning pattern for its entire lifespan. For optimal results, ensure the first burn reaches the edge of the glass and keep the candle lit for 3-4 hours.

To care for your wooden wick, always light it from the base, ensuring the entire width of the wick is ignited. Before each burn, trim the wooden wick by gently snapping off the burnt edges with your fingers and discard any debris before relighting the candle.

Keep in mind that wooden wicks may vary in flame height and can occasionally appear to self-extinguish, which is normal. The flame should return once it continues to burn.

Always keep the candle within sight on a flat, heat-resistant surface, and move it only when the flame is extinguished and the wax has cooled.

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